A New Beginning

Our Little Buddy

Love at first sight
Makwa is only 4 weeks old in this picture being held my my oldest son.

This is Makwa, a part English Bull dog and part Pit Bull,  I think they like to call them Bully Pits.  Makwa was a 4 week old puppy when I first saw him.  He was one of my childhood  friend’s son’s new puppy.  You know that exciting time when you decide to get a dog.  In this case it was a young man getting a popular dog in his circle.  So many forget to think about the responsibility of not only time but money that comes along with owning a dog.  When I first saw him, he was adorable, so perfect.  I knew his son had already given up another dog to his dad, my friend, and there was this gut feeling that it was going to happen again and this time, his dad wasn’t going to take him.  I told my daughter all about him and what I thought, she didn’t live with me at the time.  All she could say is she would take him if anything happened.  I laughed and said you know, one day maybe.  If my guts are correct that may just happen.  I told my friend that if he thought there was an issue let me know right aways.  Well 6 months later it did happen.  Or at least we needed to step in and convince the son that the puppy deserved more than being left in hotel rooms and not getting the consistent attention.  so I basically had to plea my case several times before they actually agreed that they weren’t doing this little guy justice.  At this time, my daughter became his proud mommy.  Then a year later, she took a 6 month leave out of country and I accepted the job of  puppy sitter.  6 months turned into  a 5 years love hate relationship.  I just love him to death except when I am trying to put something together on the computer and he insists on using it as a pillow.  Problem is, he’s so dang cute that it’s hard to push him away.  Even if I tried, it wouldn’t be easy.  He’s a 65 pound lap dog.  lol.   I’m a sucker for his unconditional love and attention.  When my daughter comes home for a visit,  he remembers her as if she never left.  As I said, he’s  a most amazing dog with much love to give and he deserves that love back in return.  Makwa is on his  journey with us on his side as he is on our side.  We are lucky to have him in our lives.


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