Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Fat , Fat and more Fat!

Why would I write a blog about Fat? I’m starting here because fat has been the missing ingredient in our diets for far too long.   My mission is to educate just a few out there with what I have learned over the last few years.  I’m 58 and been through many phases in my life.  I’ve tried a lot.  Definitely not all.  Growing up with margarine, watered down milk like 2 % then skim.  What did they do with all that marvelous heavy cream!  Might as well of put water on my cereal.  Then yes the cereal.  Might as well put sugar in a box.  labels, more labels stating low-fat,  No fat, where did the taste go?  When they take away something they usually had to replace it with something that was worse for you in the long run.   Unfortunately  we got use to it because we had no choice.  We didn’t want to get fat!  So where does this leave us?  Can’t eat the  fat?  Well we have to eat something so lets all eat a bunch of carbohydrates. Pasta with low fat cheese, Bread with low fat butter, You all know the list goes on and on.  But we did it and you know what?  It’s still done all over.  And… we have a universe of a lot of fat people who don’t even realize it’s a problem.  Now, some do but it’s hard to break away from what you are used to doing.  It’s a comfort zone and then when one tries to follow some of the diets out there often time, they don’t work.  Usually it’s combined together with hours and hours of working out, cardio exercises and all.  Who has the time and in the end they give up!  It shouldn’t be that hard.  The cave men didn’t work out.  Have you ever seen a fat cave man?  I haven’t.  Now the message here isn’t telling you to not work out, everyone needs to stay active in a general setting but  you shouldn’t have to work out like a maniac to achieve a goal of losing weight and being healthy.  That’s the whole idea here.  Eat. Eat good. Enjoy what you eat, and in the end lose some weight and maybe even get rid of some of your aches and pains that are side effects of all the bad foods, (if you could even call them foods) that are on our grocery shelves.  We’ll end here for now.  Send me your thoughts, questions, ideas, anything you think would be an interesting subject to cover.   We have a lifetime to learn and share our experiences.   And spread the word of good health and good eating.

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