Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Why fat has become so important to me.

Fat became important to me because I learned new information and did my research.  With my new-found knowledge I made some pretty big changes in my life.  Over the last Year plus,  I completely changed how I fuel my body.  I went from a 15 year-long run of being a vegetarian to the way I eat now which is low carb high fat and medium protein.  Interestingly,   It has been 15 months since I made the change.  I’m usually all or nothing so it happened over night. Truly, who would have thought?  Certainly not me. The search for foods that would work for me is ongoing and always changing. I need Variety, I want to love it and it needs to fit my criteria. It  isn’t always easy.  This is one reason some people give up.  It’s because it does take  some time, creativity and definitely a change in how we think.  We’ve all been brainwashed to believe quite the contrary .  We as a society are used to looking for low-fat foods so when you start looking for high fat foods you don’t realize how hard it is to find.  The stores have gone so far away from full fat foods that you have to try different locations.  They all offer something a little different.   Unfortunately,  some are not the cheapest but good foods usually cost a bit more normally.  Good health is worth the investment in my eyes.   So I’ve been learning a lot  and I hope to share my knowledge with you.  Little by little I’ll touch on what I do now that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.  One of the biggest additions  I’ve added to my diet is heavy cream.  I use it in my coffee.  When you buy it pick a brand with as few ingredients as possible.  Additives are not good.   Don’t buy the lite heavy cream.  Get the real deal.  Say no to low fat!   One other product I’ll talk about now is Yogurt.  If you like yogurt take caution on this one.  Sugar plays a huge role in most of the yogurt.  You want to look for the highest fat, less protein than fat, and the least amount of sugar.  The good stuff is out there.  You just have to be patient til you find one.  If you are close with the fat and protein ratio,  while you are eating a serving, you can always add a little heavy cream to it when you eat it.  If you need fruit in it,  because you can’t eat plain, add a few berries  but just a few.  It’s real easy.  Frozen berries work well for this.  They get juicy as they thaw so they mix in real nice.  Never, never buy the yogurt that has the fruit in it already.  There is too much sugar!   Next time you take the stroll down the yogurt isle, take a real good look at the labels.  Spend some good quality time and get to know what they offer.   For kicks, look at the low fat containers as well as see just how fooled we have been with how much sugar is in each serving.  You’ll be amazed.  It’s like eating a candy bar.  No wonder we are a fat nation.  It’s time to change the way we think.

Wake up with a fresh cup of Coffee and Cream and not feel guilty at all!


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