Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Let’s back up…

So as I said in the last post, I was a vegetarian for 15 years, although I did eat fish and eggs, during that time I always thought of myself as being a pretty healthy eater, but for some reason I was just not feeling it and my weight started to increase a bit.  I was not a happy camper.  My cute little shape I was always pretty proud of was some how starting to vanish in my eyes.  There’s the old attitude that many share and that is, as you get older it’s going to happen.  The metabolism slows, you shrink and you gain weight.   People like to remind you that you aren’t as young as you use to be and that is just the way it is.   You hear it over and over as you share with your friends how you feel.  The problem is many start to believe it and thats why so many do accecpt it.  Ok, so I am 58.  So yah I am older,  I, for one,  was not ready to throw in the towel.  So while this was all evolving,  I have this little angel on my shoulder, my  lovely daughter who is a very active healthy girl.  I love her to death.  She knows me, knows how I am and how I like to carry myself and most importantly knows when I’m not happy with things.   For a year before my new journey began she stressed to me, start eating meat mom and you’ll start losing weight.  I heard it over and over but the thought of doing it after 15 years was like giving up and Oh my, what if it didn’t work and I would have to start the clock all over again.  It just wasn’t easy to think about.  Then there were the aches and pains that slowed me up a bit.  I’m usually the girl who never stops.  I knew I needed to do something and at this point I still wasn’t sure what is was going to be.   In October of 2016, a year into thinking about what I was going to do, a friend of mine received a book in the mail from another friend of ours to read.  The name of the book was Keto Clarity.  I snatched up the book for 2 reasons, One, I knew my friend wouldn’t read it and two I was familiar with the subject matter, Keto.  Little story:   A few years back I had another friend who was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.  It wasn’t good.  Between his wife and myself we searched high and low for something that could help outside of the most common cancer treatments which we knew in our hearts would only cause other problems and maybe only maybe extend the inevitable.  In my search I came across the ketogenic diet, a low carb high fat diet.  Every thing I read sounded to good to be true but it sure was worth a try.  Other treatments I came up with would take going out of the country and financially it just wasn’t an option and the disease was taking its toll on my friend.  On the other hand this ketogenic diet you could do in your own home and financially, it didn’t change anything because he’s already eating, he’d only have to change what he was eating.  Well,  during these few months of much research I learned a lot to apply for my friend, but his wife was afraid to try.  One of the biggest hurdles one has to get over is making a change.  In the situation of my friend, well I know just he change of being diagnosed with a deadly disease, stage 4, was already change enough and the grasping of something that was going to help was hard enough and since what we know best is what we have been use to.  In his case traditional chemo and drugs.  For my friend, The ketogenic diet was not an option.  For me in the future if I were faced with this horrible disease it would be an option because of my knowledge I now have.  There is no more fear of how the diet works along with the human body and how it can affect cancer cells.  I’m attaching a link of a study everyone should at least read.  At this time in my life I wasn’t in the search mode of changing my lifestyle, I still felt comfortable with my vegetarian lifestyle but I do remember being very intrigued by what I  read and learned.  It wasn’t until the book I talked about crossed my path in 2016.  That is when I opened the book got half way through it and knew I was going to try something new.  I went to work the next day, with the book, held it in my hand and stared at my partner with a grin on my face and told him, we are going to do the keto diet.  He looked at me and said OK!   He has always trusted my judgement because of my research.  That’s one area I could be considered an over achiever.   So October of 2016 right before my 57th birthday is when I started the diet. My starting weight was 141pounds.  It’s now 2018, I’m now 58 and 122 pounds.

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