Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Can anyone do a ketogenic diet?

Yes, of course anyone can do a keto diet.

I highly recommend starting It like I did.  Read Jimmy Moore’s book, Keto Clarity, or at least part of it.  Then you can frequent my Blog for more information.  Read about my experiences, trials, errors and successes.  After visiting many forums and groups about Keto, I made my mind up that I wanted to do this Blog because I think so many make it so dang complicated that they give up.  My goal is to keep it as simple as possible.  Often you will hear this is not a sustainable way to live.  You won’t be able to do it for a long time.  Well, if you make it interesting it is possible and most importantly, Easy and convenient is the key.  Who has time to waste on constantly trying to figure it out.  So this is where it gets easy,  let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit.  Whether it’s what we eat or even what we wear or where we go when we are looking for something to do.  How often do you end up doing similar things?  Sometimes I believe that when you get 1000s of people chatting in a group, everyone has  a better idea and wants to be the last word but the threads go on and on and on and it gets old. Not to mention the False information that gets spread.  So yes anyone can do it, but keep it simple.  One thing and one of the most important thing to remember is the ratio of foods that you will be eating.   It goes like this, 70 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrates.  The other thing that is important to remember is if you think you are eating too much fat, you probably aren’t.  That’s right, you probably need to eat more.  Next entry I’ll start talking about what I eat.  Remember, creatures of habit.  I try different things but I do a lot of the same with some variations.  It happens naturally and to be honest it is much easier that  way rather than forcing something that doesn’t come naturally.  Anyone can do it, Keep it simple.  More to come.


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