Common questions you may ask

A fast trainwreck to ketosis

All the time I get asked questions about taking this or that product to help lose weight fast.

Today’s question was,  Has anyone taken Alli (aka Orlistat) or other medication to speed up/improve weight loss? Also has anyone heard of/tried with Plexus Slim or Ziga Moringa supplement?

Personally,  I haven’t taken anything artificial , because it’s just that, a false sense of accomplishment!  Learn to do it without quick fixes.  Going Keto is pretty amazing!  Buying products has it’s downfalls even though you might lose weight while taking them.  When you run out you’ll be left to continue your journey on your own and you won’t know how to do it or you’ll have to keep spending lots of money on unnecessary stuff, crap, everyone is pushing these days.  Scared thought,  They don’t even know the long-term effects of these products. The Keto diet works very nicely without them.  In these products they put an appetite suppressant  so of course if you eat less you will lose weight but a Keto diet suppresses your appetite on its own.  All that stuff is expensive too.  Save the money for a rainy day or a vacation.  Your families will appreciate it.  How many of you have bottles of pills and liquids you have bought because “they sound to good to be true”  save your money and do it on your own!

Do it on your own with good whole foods.




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