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Dearly Beloved,

The other night, I was visiting the city you held your Chicago Freedom Movement.  Something that would change the world.  I must tell You, You picked an awesome City.  Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to myself.  From North to South it stretches so wide as high as the buildings appear to reach to the stars.  One of my favorite things about this big city is the reflection in the lake especially when the sun starts setting and you can watch through the cracks between the buildings as goes down, down, down then as the sun disappears the sky starts changing to different shades of blues and pinks and starts resembling a beautiful watercolor painting.  Now as that’s going on and the buildings start appearing darker and turning to a silhouette,  the  reflection intensifies, the lights start shimmering, sparkling, and flashing.  Do buildings really talk? These Chicago buildings can, and they do. Today they were talking for you.  It was a  message you once shared.   One never to be forgotten.   It was a reminder of your great work.  We remembered you as One of the most important men during the civil rights movement, A man who made a difference in our land.  You changed our World but unfortunately your life was tragically ended at a very young age.  Thank you Martin Luther King Jr.                                                                                               You had a Dream, and now, we live your BELOVED DREAM.


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