Healthy Habits to have for a long healthy life

Drinking water, an important factor in the equation = a Long Healthy Life!

DSC_1898.JPGTo Hydrate or not to Hydrate. That is the question.  And all of you should be asking yourselves,  Am I hydrating enough?

Did you know that your body is made up of 60/65 percent water?  The key to water intake is to drink enough of it.  Everyone is obviously different but for the most part,  most people don’t drink enough.  It kills me when I see people taking little sips of water here and there and they think they are getting enough.  Then if you are drinking diuretics, such as coffee, you need to drink even more.  Quick and easy signs of not enough water are dry skin, being tired, bad breath, head aches, and that’s not even mentioning the long-term effects of being dehydrated which is where the biggies come into play. Achy joints which start feeling arthritic, gout, asthma, and the list goes on and on.  So basically, if you aren’t keeping your cells hydrated and you are letting them dry up, think of a raisin.  Those poor cells, screaming for water!  Those cells are not going to function at full capacity.  Water removes toxins from your body via the kidneys.  If you don’t hydrate, your kidneys will also suffer.  Let’s not forget about constipation!  So many of these complaints end up in the doctor’s office.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Water is natural.  It’s even free.  It doesn’t take long to get dehydrated, but it takes a long time to completely hydrate your body again but I promise you will feel a difference.  Make it a goal to start drinking water.  You will see and feel the difference.   I want to hear from you.  Please write in your success story.  Others will want to hear from you.

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