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You’ve been “Puzzled”

IMG_5747 (2)

You’ve been Puzzled!

Wouldn’t it be fun to play a game? Call it, let’s say,  You’ve been puzzled!

Play it at a party.  At the party, when it’s time,  bring the puzzle out and tell everyone what they are going to do.  Break everyone up into teams and tell the first team they’ve been puzzled.  Give them a time limit, when their time is up they have to pass it to the next team that has been Puzzled.  After they are done they get to tell the next team they’ve been puzzled and so on and so forth til the puzzle is done.                                   Great fun for interaction.

Or, make it a neighborhood activity.  If you have a nice close circle of friends, Buy a puzzle and knock on one of your neighbor’s door and tell them they’ve been puzzled!  Tell them that either after a specified number of days or a specified number of puzzle pieces placed together to pass it along to the next neighbor to be puzzled.  Explain to them what they need to do and then what to say when they are passing it on to the next Puzzled neighbor to keep it going.  It probably is a good idea to add in that if at any point the Puzzled neighbor can’t do their part they should just pass it onto the next so it doesn’t get held up.  I think this could be a fun activity to do before having a neighborhood Super bowl party or backyard picnic. Could make for some good conversation!

You never know when you are going to get Puzzled!

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