DSC_0304Today of all days, for the word Sympathize to come up is quite a coincidence or is it not.  I’ve always been a believer that everything happens for a reason.  Unfortunately I have to believe  this carries over even when bad things happen.  It’s just harder to understand.  No coincidence, no accident just maybe that little bit of proof that we are all connected in someway.  For me I can find the connection with today and the word Sympathize because today is the one year anniversary of the passing of one of my dearest friends from childhood.  Today is a day of refection, thoughts of all the good times we had and the dreams we hoped to see in our lifetime, all the laughs we had that made for so many good memories.  Although her life was cut short,  I’ll keep going and hope to fulfill  some of those dreams we talked about.  I’m sure that is what she would want.  I hope you can sympathize with my story.      It’s a real sad day for me.  Tears flow.


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