Daily prompt word

Creature Features

DSC_0813When I hear the word Creature, I automatically think of Creature Features from the 1960’s.  As a kid I loved watching the show with my mom.  the Creature Feature Theme song was so creepy it stuck with me over the years.  Horror, Chillers, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Bucket of Blood.  Oh my  there were so many!  The word creature always seems to be used to tell a story about something like a weird unknown creature  that has been found in the ocean, or pulled from the lake or dug up somewhere.  That’s what you hear.  Then we talk about ourselves as creatures of habit.  So in reality, it’s a word used for everything living and breathing or use to be.   So here’s a creature for you. I like this little guy.  I met him at the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago. I think we connected .  He stared me in the eyes and it was all over.  It was love at first sight.  LOL

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