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A Permit, I can’t wait!

Do you remember when you were 14, excited because you knew when you turned 15 you were probably going to get your driver’s license permit.  Oh what a day that will be.  The beginning to the process of getting your real license.  Freedom!  The day you turn 16! Every teenagers dream.  Getting on the road .  Oh those were the days.                          Little did you know that was just a beginning of a string of permits you would be required to get.  Maybe the next, one more exciting one, would be your wedding license/ permit depending on where it was to be issued they call it different names.  Anyways,  Other then those two happy times, it would end up being some sort of  permit hell as far as I’m concerned.  A money-making process for the city.  Checks being written for this that and everything in between.  Those inspectors, well, you would just hope they were in a good mood the day they came to see you.  No wonder so many elect to forgo the permit process and do what ever they can under the radar, unless of course there is absolutely no way of getting away with it.  Anyways,  Happy permit to you.

2018 vw van
Once I get my license, I’m out of here!


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