Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Keto diet, Science merging with Art!

I’m back!

I’d like to get some interaction going on this Blog.  I started it to share my journey with the keto Diet with hopes to empower others to give it a try.  One common concern I hear is they think it is a fad diet one that can not be sustained.  Well of course, I’m going to disagree because I’m doing it and I’ve been doing it for a while and it is working for me.   I do understand everyone is different so we are clear on that.  Everyone is going to have a different opinion and of course outcome.  I would just like everyone to have an open mind about it especially if they have tried many other ways to lose weight and those ways have not worked.  The keto diet is not only for losing weight but for good health and body performance.

Lets start with a little History.  I found a video that might interest you.  Take a little time to review it.  I would like for you to come back here so we could share our thoughts.  I’m here to help and spread good word.  This video is done by  Dr. Shephen Phinney and it is titled  ” The Art and Science of low-carb living and performance ”   I hope you enjoy it.

20180208inside the cave (3)

Science and Art belong together.

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