My camera lens broke!

I am so sad.  Today my camera lens malfunctioned.   I was in Chicago today for a doctor’s appointment.  If you are wondering, it went well.  My doctor gave me a clean bill of health.  It was nice to hear  her say to me that I could be an inspiration to many other people who struggle with health issues.  I don’t know about you but the anticipation of a Dr’s appointment is a bit of stresser.  It’s the unknown.  Anyone who reads my Blog knows that I follow a strict Ketogenic diet which is different then the more common American diet.  I’m on it a little over a year and very curious how it will affect my blood work up.  Last year after 4 months on the diet and everything was great!  I won’t have my current results until next week but Doc said all looked good.  I’ll keep you all posted.  Those who follow the diet with me an those who are thinking about it.                                                                                  In regards to the title of this post, referring to a broken camera lens, I never leave home without my camera and today was no different.  After my appointment I drove over to the  Buckingham fountain since it was only 10 minutes away.  It’s not running because it’s the winter but I still like to go there during the different seasons.  Snow brings on such a calmness.  Yes, even in a big city like Chicago.  The Buckingham fountain, one of the largest in the world, whether it’s gushing water 150 feet high or not is very impressive.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  It was a little weird  when I started using my camera this afternoon because it seemed to be acting up a bit.   It wouldn’t zoom in and out freely.  At this point, I had that bad feeling that there was something really wrong with it and I won’t be able to fix myself.  I didn’t let it stop me although I was feeling a little anxious.  One more time,  I had my eye to the view finder and decided to force the issue a little,  thinking, with a little bit of hope on my side I can get it to work.   Well,  that was it.  I did it!  Broken for good.  Now it doesn’t work at all.  Funny thing, the lens was moving nice and easy now but there was no more focus ability and I hear something moving inside.  Urgh!  I Guess I’ll be taking my camera and lens into a repair shop.  In the meantime I’ll need to find a back up so I’m not left with out my camera.  It’s like missing my right arm.  So this is my good story and sad story of the day.  Good for my health very sad for my camera.

Last Shot before the Camera lens malfuntioned.



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