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Simplify, A concept I originally started writing my Blog to stress to people.  Those who are already living by the  way of the keto diet and those who are thinking about it.  It truly is as simple as a mathematical Equation but often times people over complicate things to a point         where they can’t keep it up and then just give up.  It’s like sabotaging a good relationship.      For example, there are basic rules you need to adhere to which keep your engine in your car      running and your body is no different.  As long as you follow the basic guidelines of the keto        diet your body will run like a fine tuned machine.                                                                                                                                 In turn, you will reap the benefits for many years to come.                                    



Daily prompt word

Creature Features

DSC_0813When I hear the word Creature, I automatically think of Creature Features from the 1960’s.  As a kid I loved watching the show with my mom.  the Creature Feature Theme song was so creepy it stuck with me over the years.  Horror, Chillers, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Bucket of Blood.  Oh my  there were so many!  The word creature always seems to be used to tell a story about something like a weird unknown creature  that has been found in the ocean, or pulled from the lake or dug up somewhere.  That’s what you hear.  Then we talk about ourselves as creatures of habit.  So in reality, it’s a word used for everything living and breathing or use to be.   So here’s a creature for you. I like this little guy.  I met him at the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago. I think we connected .  He stared me in the eyes and it was all over.  It was love at first sight.  LOL

Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Can anyone do a ketogenic diet?

Yes, of course anyone can do a keto diet.

I highly recommend starting It like I did.  Read Jimmy Moore’s book, Keto Clarity, or at least part of it.  Then you can frequent my Blog for more information.  Read about my experiences, trials, errors and successes.  After visiting many forums and groups about Keto, I made my mind up that I wanted to do this Blog because I think so many make it so dang complicated that they give up.  My goal is to keep it as simple as possible.  Often you will hear this is not a sustainable way to live.  You won’t be able to do it for a long time.  Well, if you make it interesting it is possible and most importantly, Easy and convenient is the key.  Who has time to waste on constantly trying to figure it out.  So this is where it gets easy,  let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit.  Whether it’s what we eat or even what we wear or where we go when we are looking for something to do.  How often do you end up doing similar things?  Sometimes I believe that when you get 1000s of people chatting in a group, everyone has  a better idea and wants to be the last word but the threads go on and on and on and it gets old. Not to mention the False information that gets spread.  So yes anyone can do it, but keep it simple.  One thing and one of the most important thing to remember is the ratio of foods that you will be eating.   It goes like this, 70 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrates.  The other thing that is important to remember is if you think you are eating too much fat, you probably aren’t.  That’s right, you probably need to eat more.  Next entry I’ll start talking about what I eat.  Remember, creatures of habit.  I try different things but I do a lot of the same with some variations.  It happens naturally and to be honest it is much easier that  way rather than forcing something that doesn’t come naturally.  Anyone can do it, Keep it simple.  More to come.


Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Let’s back up…

So as I said in the last post, I was a vegetarian for 15 years, although I did eat fish and eggs, during that time I always thought of myself as being a pretty healthy eater, but for some reason I was just not feeling it and my weight started to increase a bit.  I was not a happy camper.  My cute little shape I was always pretty proud of was some how starting to vanish in my eyes.  There’s the old attitude that many share and that is, as you get older it’s going to happen.  The metabolism slows, you shrink and you gain weight.   People like to remind you that you aren’t as young as you use to be and that is just the way it is.   You hear it over and over as you share with your friends how you feel.  The problem is many start to believe it and thats why so many do accecpt it.  Ok, so I am 58.  So yah I am older,  I, for one,  was not ready to throw in the towel.  So while this was all evolving,  I have this little angel on my shoulder, my  lovely daughter who is a very active healthy girl.  I love her to death.  She knows me, knows how I am and how I like to carry myself and most importantly knows when I’m not happy with things.   For a year before my new journey began she stressed to me, start eating meat mom and you’ll start losing weight.  I heard it over and over but the thought of doing it after 15 years was like giving up and Oh my, what if it didn’t work and I would have to start the clock all over again.  It just wasn’t easy to think about.  Then there were the aches and pains that slowed me up a bit.  I’m usually the girl who never stops.  I knew I needed to do something and at this point I still wasn’t sure what is was going to be.   In October of 2016, a year into thinking about what I was going to do, a friend of mine received a book in the mail from another friend of ours to read.  The name of the book was Keto Clarity.  I snatched up the book for 2 reasons, One, I knew my friend wouldn’t read it and two I was familiar with the subject matter, Keto.  Little story:   A few years back I had another friend who was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.  It wasn’t good.  Between his wife and myself we searched high and low for something that could help outside of the most common cancer treatments which we knew in our hearts would only cause other problems and maybe only maybe extend the inevitable.  In my search I came across the ketogenic diet, a low carb high fat diet.  Every thing I read sounded to good to be true but it sure was worth a try.  Other treatments I came up with would take going out of the country and financially it just wasn’t an option and the disease was taking its toll on my friend.  On the other hand this ketogenic diet you could do in your own home and financially, it didn’t change anything because he’s already eating, he’d only have to change what he was eating.  Well,  during these few months of much research I learned a lot to apply for my friend, but his wife was afraid to try.  One of the biggest hurdles one has to get over is making a change.  In the situation of my friend, well I know just he change of being diagnosed with a deadly disease, stage 4, was already change enough and the grasping of something that was going to help was hard enough and since what we know best is what we have been use to.  In his case traditional chemo and drugs.  For my friend, The ketogenic diet was not an option.  For me in the future if I were faced with this horrible disease it would be an option because of my knowledge I now have.  There is no more fear of how the diet works along with the human body and how it can affect cancer cells.  I’m attaching a link of a study everyone should at least read.  At this time in my life I wasn’t in the search mode of changing my lifestyle, I still felt comfortable with my vegetarian lifestyle but I do remember being very intrigued by what I  read and learned.  It wasn’t until the book I talked about crossed my path in 2016.  That is when I opened the book got half way through it and knew I was going to try something new.  I went to work the next day, with the book, held it in my hand and stared at my partner with a grin on my face and told him, we are going to do the keto diet.  He looked at me and said OK!   He has always trusted my judgement because of my research.  That’s one area I could be considered an over achiever.   So October of 2016 right before my 57th birthday is when I started the diet. My starting weight was 141pounds.  It’s now 2018, I’m now 58 and 122 pounds.

Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Why fat has become so important to me.

Fat became important to me because I learned new information and did my research.  With my new-found knowledge I made some pretty big changes in my life.  Over the last Year plus,  I completely changed how I fuel my body.  I went from a 15 year-long run of being a vegetarian to the way I eat now which is low carb high fat and medium protein.  Interestingly,   It has been 15 months since I made the change.  I’m usually all or nothing so it happened over night. Truly, who would have thought?  Certainly not me. The search for foods that would work for me is ongoing and always changing. I need Variety, I want to love it and it needs to fit my criteria. It  isn’t always easy.  This is one reason some people give up.  It’s because it does take  some time, creativity and definitely a change in how we think.  We’ve all been brainwashed to believe quite the contrary .  We as a society are used to looking for low-fat foods so when you start looking for high fat foods you don’t realize how hard it is to find.  The stores have gone so far away from full fat foods that you have to try different locations.  They all offer something a little different.   Unfortunately,  some are not the cheapest but good foods usually cost a bit more normally.  Good health is worth the investment in my eyes.   So I’ve been learning a lot  and I hope to share my knowledge with you.  Little by little I’ll touch on what I do now that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before.  One of the biggest additions  I’ve added to my diet is heavy cream.  I use it in my coffee.  When you buy it pick a brand with as few ingredients as possible.  Additives are not good.   Don’t buy the lite heavy cream.  Get the real deal.  Say no to low fat!   One other product I’ll talk about now is Yogurt.  If you like yogurt take caution on this one.  Sugar plays a huge role in most of the yogurt.  You want to look for the highest fat, less protein than fat, and the least amount of sugar.  The good stuff is out there.  You just have to be patient til you find one.  If you are close with the fat and protein ratio,  while you are eating a serving, you can always add a little heavy cream to it when you eat it.  If you need fruit in it,  because you can’t eat plain, add a few berries  but just a few.  It’s real easy.  Frozen berries work well for this.  They get juicy as they thaw so they mix in real nice.  Never, never buy the yogurt that has the fruit in it already.  There is too much sugar!   Next time you take the stroll down the yogurt isle, take a real good look at the labels.  Spend some good quality time and get to know what they offer.   For kicks, look at the low fat containers as well as see just how fooled we have been with how much sugar is in each serving.  You’ll be amazed.  It’s like eating a candy bar.  No wonder we are a fat nation.  It’s time to change the way we think.

Wake up with a fresh cup of Coffee and Cream and not feel guilty at all!


Ketogenic diet, low carb high fat diet

Fat , Fat and more Fat!

Why would I write a blog about Fat? I’m starting here because fat has been the missing ingredient in our diets for far too long.   My mission is to educate just a few out there with what I have learned over the last few years.  I’m 58 and been through many phases in my life.  I’ve tried a lot.  Definitely not all.  Growing up with margarine, watered down milk like 2 % then skim.  What did they do with all that marvelous heavy cream!  Might as well of put water on my cereal.  Then yes the cereal.  Might as well put sugar in a box.  labels, more labels stating low-fat,  No fat, where did the taste go?  When they take away something they usually had to replace it with something that was worse for you in the long run.   Unfortunately  we got use to it because we had no choice.  We didn’t want to get fat!  So where does this leave us?  Can’t eat the  fat?  Well we have to eat something so lets all eat a bunch of carbohydrates. Pasta with low fat cheese, Bread with low fat butter, You all know the list goes on and on.  But we did it and you know what?  It’s still done all over.  And… we have a universe of a lot of fat people who don’t even realize it’s a problem.  Now, some do but it’s hard to break away from what you are used to doing.  It’s a comfort zone and then when one tries to follow some of the diets out there often time, they don’t work.  Usually it’s combined together with hours and hours of working out, cardio exercises and all.  Who has the time and in the end they give up!  It shouldn’t be that hard.  The cave men didn’t work out.  Have you ever seen a fat cave man?  I haven’t.  Now the message here isn’t telling you to not work out, everyone needs to stay active in a general setting but  you shouldn’t have to work out like a maniac to achieve a goal of losing weight and being healthy.  That’s the whole idea here.  Eat. Eat good. Enjoy what you eat, and in the end lose some weight and maybe even get rid of some of your aches and pains that are side effects of all the bad foods, (if you could even call them foods) that are on our grocery shelves.  We’ll end here for now.  Send me your thoughts, questions, ideas, anything you think would be an interesting subject to cover.   We have a lifetime to learn and share our experiences.   And spread the word of good health and good eating.

A New Beginning

Our Little Buddy

Love at first sight
Makwa is only 4 weeks old in this picture being held my my oldest son.

This is Makwa, a part English Bull dog and part Pit Bull,  I think they like to call them Bully Pits.  Makwa was a 4 week old puppy when I first saw him.  He was one of my childhood  friend’s son’s new puppy.  You know that exciting time when you decide to get a dog.  In this case it was a young man getting a popular dog in his circle.  So many forget to think about the responsibility of not only time but money that comes along with owning a dog.  When I first saw him, he was adorable, so perfect.  I knew his son had already given up another dog to his dad, my friend, and there was this gut feeling that it was going to happen again and this time, his dad wasn’t going to take him.  I told my daughter all about him and what I thought, she didn’t live with me at the time.  All she could say is she would take him if anything happened.  I laughed and said you know, one day maybe.  If my guts are correct that may just happen.  I told my friend that if he thought there was an issue let me know right aways.  Well 6 months later it did happen.  Or at least we needed to step in and convince the son that the puppy deserved more than being left in hotel rooms and not getting the consistent attention.  so I basically had to plea my case several times before they actually agreed that they weren’t doing this little guy justice.  At this time, my daughter became his proud mommy.  Then a year later, she took a 6 month leave out of country and I accepted the job of  puppy sitter.  6 months turned into  a 5 years love hate relationship.  I just love him to death except when I am trying to put something together on the computer and he insists on using it as a pillow.  Problem is, he’s so dang cute that it’s hard to push him away.  Even if I tried, it wouldn’t be easy.  He’s a 65 pound lap dog.  lol.   I’m a sucker for his unconditional love and attention.  When my daughter comes home for a visit,  he remembers her as if she never left.  As I said, he’s  a most amazing dog with much love to give and he deserves that love back in return.  Makwa is on his  journey with us on his side as he is on our side.  We are lucky to have him in our lives.