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Simplify, A concept I originally started writing my Blog to stress to people.  Those who are already living by the  way of the keto diet and those who are thinking about it.  It truly is as simple as a mathematical Equation but often times people over complicate things to a point         where they can’t keep it up and then just give up.  It’s like sabotaging a good relationship.      For example, there are basic rules you need to adhere to which keep your engine in your car      running and your body is no different.  As long as you follow the basic guidelines of the keto        diet your body will run like a fine tuned machine.                                                                                                                                 In turn, you will reap the benefits for many years to come.                                    



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Keto diet, Science merging with Art!

I’m back!

I’d like to get some interaction going on this Blog.  I started it to share my journey with the keto Diet with hopes to empower others to give it a try.  One common concern I hear is they think it is a fad diet one that can not be sustained.  Well of course, I’m going to disagree because I’m doing it and I’ve been doing it for a while and it is working for me.   I do understand everyone is different so we are clear on that.  Everyone is going to have a different opinion and of course outcome.  I would just like everyone to have an open mind about it especially if they have tried many other ways to lose weight and those ways have not worked.  The keto diet is not only for losing weight but for good health and body performance.

Lets start with a little History.  I found a video that might interest you.  Take a little time to review it.  I would like for you to come back here so we could share our thoughts.  I’m here to help and spread good word.  This video is done by  Dr. Shephen Phinney and it is titled  ” The Art and Science of low-carb living and performance ”   I hope you enjoy it.

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Science and Art belong together.

Keto Uncomplicated

I was asked. Typical day of eating is?

My answer to the question was answered in a round about way just because it’s usually not planned. 
First I want to say I don’t use any supplements other than vitamin D3 which can  protect against cancer and control inflammation, wort off heart disease and helps you sleep and can regulate your moods and immune system. and then I take K7 taken for the carboxylation of specific bone proteins needed for building bones and a green ingredient based multi right now. the vitamins change  but the d and k stay  consistent. Everyday I have coffee with heavy cream. Lots of it. Everyday I will take MCT oil, a couple of tablespoons a day. You need to start slow with this. like a teaspoon and build up. I add it to sparkling water, coffee. I love bacon and eggs cheese. I have this often. I switch off on the meats I Love such as steak and liver and salmon. Needed greens are spinach, broccoli,beans, You can snack on cheese, all kinds. Soft cheeses are very good. Like brie, cream cheese, etc. I add butter to what ever I can. raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in very moderation. Nuts in moderation. Maybe a handful when I have them. When I buy these things, I go grass-fed, wild, organic, and the MCT oil that is only made of coconuts. I eat salads with blue cheese dressing or a vinaigrette. My favorite salad is the wedge salad. I order ribs without the sauce and put butter on them. Absolutely no breads or pasta in my diet. French onion soup without the crouton, chicken noodle soup without the noodles. Pizza!
I order normal pizza and have them make it extra crispy with extra cheese vegis and sausage. I only eat the top. On occasion I’ll make a coffee with heavy cream, raw egg, MCT oil and nutmeg. raspberries with heavy cream. I make the best cheese cake keto style. I can eat the whole thing without guilt. I use Munk fruit and stevia as my sugar replacement but only once in a blue moon. as in my cheese cake. Never use other artificial sugar replacements. I hope I’m not boring everyone on this site. lol some of you are probably just sick to your stomach with my choices. This is not in one day but. As I said in the beginning we are people of habits. Even in the clothes we wear. I rotate through what I listed here and just eat til I’m full. No counting calories, and if I only eat one meal a day that is cool. I keep in mind the ratio I strive for and just think it through. It’s not rocket science although some try to make it that way. Simple is best. Please read the book, Keto Clarity
.   It is my go to book. The one I started with. Feel free to ask me anything else. I apologized for my exhausting answer!
A New Beginning

Comfort zone is just a crutch!

20180205I think we all go through times in our lives when we wonder if you need a change?  Usually by the time we are thinking about it, more often than not, we already know we need it.  We know we need something different.  We find ourselves in a comfort zone but the crazy thing is time and time again after crawling our of  that comfort     zone it ends up feeling so much better so I don’t know why they call it a    comfort zone. Jobs, relationships, friends, our health, all these are probably on the top of the list when it comes to needing to evaluate from time to time.  Things change, we become smarter and we need to think of ourselves and what is best for us.  Growing and evolving is so important no matter where we are in our life journey.  This goes for any and all no matter your gender, nationality, class, or where you live.  We are all the same when it comes down to basics.  How about trying new things?  Those things you always wanted to learn or try.  Do we have it in ourselves to do it or just think about it.  What takes us beyond just thinking about it all the time.  Confidence in ourselves maybe?  A lot of struggle with that.  It takes us back to the comfort zone.  I hate that term.  I thing we use it as a crutch sometimes.  It’s never to late to learn new skills.  Artistry, Music, Trades, cooking, oh my the list can go on and on.  I’d like to know that I could prompt just one of you to follow your dream rather than just leave it as a thought.  Having a feeling of accomplishment only gives you more power to do more. It’s amazing.  It actually has such great potential.  There are so many catch phrases we use.  One is, Life is too short,  True!  Another is the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  I think it is.  While you sit and waste away in  your comfort zone  I bet you are pretending you are alright, basically living a lie.  It’s time we take the bull by its horns and do something for ourselves.  Something I’m very passionate about is the fact that Life is too short.  We need to truly start living each day as if tomorrow is not ours.   Why am I so passionate about this?  Again at 58, it’s time for another evaluation.  I know I’ve had a lot of joy in my life, but also, I’ve had a lot of heartache.  At age 29  I lost my dad to brain cancer, than my mom at 38 to a brain aneurysm, then my  brother to cancer, he was only 47.  A year ago a childhood best girlfriend died unexpectedly.  That was not supposed to happen. This one I blame on the pharmaceutical companies..  I’ve seen too many friends bury their children.  More Pharmaceutical company tragedies.  The pain of seeing young people pass is real and scarring.   One of the items on my list has always been to help others.  It’s been there a long time.  I can’t help but step out of my way if I have to because it calls me.  I’d like to change the world so I’m always trying.  I think my kids think I’m crazy but that’s me.  Last night while I was in the sauna, I met this awesome healing woman.  We both agreed that we were meant to meet.  We both had done things a bit different then normal which brought us to the same place.  We ended up talking for quite a while and when we parted I left with much hope.  I couldn’t wait to share it.  I woke up in the morning and right away texted my son excited to share some good and promising information with him so he could pass along to his friend whom I knew needed it more than anything.  Instead of responding back with the typical text response he called me.  He said he didn’t want to text me because he had bad news. He told me his friend had passed away in his sleep this morning.  I was so taken back.  I couldn’t help but cry.  He was a young man , father of 6 children and his wife.  He had been struggling with cancer for the past few years.   He fought to the end going as far as traveling out of the country to get treatments they won’t do here in the USA.  So sad, they do work but insurance won’t cover it.  If only money wasn’t an option maybe he would still be here.  Such an inspiration to all of us.  He was at work on Friday, it was his planned last day to start a medical leave so he could spend some quality time with his family knowing his condition was worsening.  After an emotional work farewell from all who loved him for all the years he was there, he had his first weekend off but that was it.  He never woke up Monday morning. He died peacefully in his sleep. It just brings tears to my eyes.  These kinds of stories are like an atomic bomb going off in my brain.  What does it take to push us over the edge to do something.  Whether it’s for ourselves or someone else. We need to change the way we think so we can get out of bad situations,  get into better ones or maybe  to just do something good.  We all have the potential of making a difference.  It’s       a choice. Don’t use your comfort zone as a crutch.  You are only cheating yourselves.      Comfort is your Enemy to moving forward.

Daily prompt word

A Permit, I can’t wait!

Do you remember when you were 14, excited because you knew when you turned 15 you were probably going to get your driver’s license permit.  Oh what a day that will be.  The beginning to the process of getting your real license.  Freedom!  The day you turn 16! Every teenagers dream.  Getting on the road .  Oh those were the days.                          Little did you know that was just a beginning of a string of permits you would be required to get.  Maybe the next, one more exciting one, would be your wedding license/ permit depending on where it was to be issued they call it different names.  Anyways,  Other then those two happy times, it would end up being some sort of  permit hell as far as I’m concerned.  A money-making process for the city.  Checks being written for this that and everything in between.  Those inspectors, well, you would just hope they were in a good mood the day they came to see you.  No wonder so many elect to forgo the permit process and do what ever they can under the radar, unless of course there is absolutely no way of getting away with it.  Anyways,  Happy permit to you.

2018 vw van
Once I get my license, I’m out of here!


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Creature Features

DSC_0813When I hear the word Creature, I automatically think of Creature Features from the 1960’s.  As a kid I loved watching the show with my mom.  the Creature Feature Theme song was so creepy it stuck with me over the years.  Horror, Chillers, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Bucket of Blood.  Oh my  there were so many!  The word creature always seems to be used to tell a story about something like a weird unknown creature  that has been found in the ocean, or pulled from the lake or dug up somewhere.  That’s what you hear.  Then we talk about ourselves as creatures of habit.  So in reality, it’s a word used for everything living and breathing or use to be.   So here’s a creature for you. I like this little guy.  I met him at the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago. I think we connected .  He stared me in the eyes and it was all over.  It was love at first sight.  LOL

Word press daily prompt word

You’ve been “Puzzled”

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You’ve been Puzzled!

Wouldn’t it be fun to play a game? Call it, let’s say,  You’ve been puzzled!

Play it at a party.  At the party, when it’s time,  bring the puzzle out and tell everyone what they are going to do.  Break everyone up into teams and tell the first team they’ve been puzzled.  Give them a time limit, when their time is up they have to pass it to the next team that has been Puzzled.  After they are done they get to tell the next team they’ve been puzzled and so on and so forth til the puzzle is done.                                   Great fun for interaction.

Or, make it a neighborhood activity.  If you have a nice close circle of friends, Buy a puzzle and knock on one of your neighbor’s door and tell them they’ve been puzzled!  Tell them that either after a specified number of days or a specified number of puzzle pieces placed together to pass it along to the next neighbor to be puzzled.  Explain to them what they need to do and then what to say when they are passing it on to the next Puzzled neighbor to keep it going.  It probably is a good idea to add in that if at any point the Puzzled neighbor can’t do their part they should just pass it onto the next so it doesn’t get held up.  I think this could be a fun activity to do before having a neighborhood Super bowl party or backyard picnic. Could make for some good conversation!

You never know when you are going to get Puzzled!