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Another facet of who I am. It’s not just about eating fat.

I know this post looks like it has nothing to do with a Ketogenic diet at a quick glance but in the end when you are healthy with all kinds of extra energy you can pretty much do what ever you want.  You can do those things you are passionate about.  I know that when I’m feeing good virtually nothing stops me and I do those things I love to do that make me happy.   My photography not only makes me happy but I know I make others smile.   So many people aren’t able to get out like me and so they have a way to see the world through my eyes.                                                              Generally I don’t know where I’m going to end up or what I’m going to be doing unless I’m forced to make a plan.  My friends will tell you I don’t like to plan if I don’t have to.  Today, especially after I broke my favorite lens last week, I definitely didn’t think I’d be out taking pictures.    With that said, today was a prime example of being able to find that positive point that comes out of a bad thing.  Since I don’t like to leave home without my camera I pulled out a lens  I don’t normally use to put on my camera just to have it with me.   Now I know I should be using this lens more often.  It’s just a small 50 mm 1.4 lens but truly it is an awesome lens.  As you continue on reading you’ll be able to see my photos from today.                                                              The photos were taken at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Winfield Illinois.  This is where the Batavia Orchid Society had their annual event.  I had learned about it while I was at my Garden Club meeting earlier in the month.  After tossing the idea back and forth a bit I made the decision to go and  I’m glad I went.  I had no idea what to expect.  I not only had an opportunity to take pictures but I did learn a lot.  The one big point that sticks out in my head and I will share it with you is that you are not supposed to turn Orchid plants as you might do to your other house plants.  Rotating them totally messes up the natural process that is so important to keep in order to keep the plants flowering over and over again.  After you’ve had a plant flower for the second time it’s easy to get hooked and you’ll even think about hinting to someone who gives you flowers occasionally to give you an orchid instead of a bouquet of flowers that die.  Orchids could actually flower for months at a time.  They are absolutely beautiful.      ENJOY!   I like comments!!!


I hope you enjoyed the Orchids.

Daily Post Photo Challenge

Good Day Folks, My name is Cathy and I’m going to be your Tour Guide this afternoon.

Let us begin.    Welcome to the Chicago-land area.  You’ve probably heard it called the windy city?  This is true but not because it’s windy but because of our politicians.  As we get started,  Today we are only going to see the tip of the iceberg in the amount of time we are given.  Hopefully in the future we’ll have a chance to have another session where we can explore some more.  I love my town and  I can’t wait to share it with you.  I’ve traveled all over the world and while traveling away and visiting other countries I realized I had not taken advantage of what is in my own back yard.  Chicago has so many points of interest you could stay busy for a year going to all of them.

First stop is Chicago’s finest Lincoln Park Zoo.  Here you can visit with the animals.  No touching or feeding please.  They are well taken care of.  For the children there is a petting zoo you can visit later if you like.I’ve always loved the cats.  I think they are beautiful creatures.  lincoln park zoo Next we are going to go to the Lincoln Park Conservatory since it right next door to the zoo.  If you like gardening, you’ll love the not only the flowers but the creative ideas you can get park conservatory 2Let’s continue across the street to the  Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. There you will experience live butterflies and birds flying around you and then reptiles which are in their own environments.butterfly house As we continue, We’ll head over to the Museum district where you can look North West over Lake Michigan and see one of the most beautiful lake fronts there is in the world.  Next time you join me we can stop at all the Museums not to mention Soldiers Field which is the Home of the Chicago Bears.26910911_10214987317747206_1206279218104321707_o (2) As we head out of the city just a little bit we’ll stop at the Garfield Conservatory where they have 3 big greenhouses. Tropical rain forest, seasonal, and Desert.  These are a brief description but there actually is so much more to see.  Inside and out.garfield conservatoryWe have one more stop today and it will be the to the Orchids By Hausermann  Greenhouses just West of the city.  They are the biggest Orchid seller in the State.          If you like orchids, you are going to love this place. hauserman orchids Thank you for letting me be your tour guide today.  It’s been a blast.  I hope you all come back again some time.  Have safe travels home.