Daily prompt word, Keto Uncomplicated



Simplify, A concept I originally started writing my Blog to stress to people.  Those who are already living by the  way of the keto diet and those who are thinking about it.  It truly is as simple as a mathematical Equation but often times people over complicate things to a point         where they can’t keep it up and then just give up.  It’s like sabotaging a good relationship.      For example, there are basic rules you need to adhere to which keep your engine in your car      running and your body is no different.  As long as you follow the basic guidelines of the keto        diet your body will run like a fine tuned machine.                                                                                                                                 In turn, you will reap the benefits for many years to come.                                    





What is your inkling about what is going on in this picture?

I haven’t an Inkling what I’m doing here.  This is the first prompt I’m participating in.  So let’s see what I can say about the word, Inkling.  Now that I think about it,  I’ve used this word through-out my life.  Any time I used it it was because it’s a fun catchy word. I always mean I have no freaking idea what I’m thinking or if something is going to work or even happen.  So take Idea and thinking, meld those two words together,  shorten it up and add little pizzaz with the L and whola you have Inkling.  Truly though it’s just one of those made up words that someone made up and it stuck and here we are, talking about it.  How funny!  So I told someone about this post and what I had wrote.  He said I could have also said an inkling is a baby ink pen.  I thought that was funny.